From the time they are born, children have nat­u­ral abil­i­ties  to learn a lan­guage. They can im­i­tate the sounds they hear, then un­der­stand words and lat­er form sen­tences be­fore fully mas­ter­ing the lan­guage.

By means of this metod, children gain access to a new language in a playful and natural manner.


Lessons structured in a fun way to improve and consolidate skills through mother-tongue teacher, conversation and listening but also writing and reading to ... continue your language path with excellent results!!


Effective solutions for each level!
The courses take place in a pleasant and stimulating environment under the supervision of experienced mother tongue teachers ... because learning a foreign language is never too late!


Scuola di lingue

Sede operativa: Via A. Rossato, 7 

36100 Vicenza (VI) 

Tel. 0444 1930685

Cell 346 5809652


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